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Group Exercise

Welcome to the exciting and motivating world of Group Exercise at Mercedes Club. Our expert instructors will inspire you to reach your fitness goals with programs designed for small, intimate groups. We focus on safe and effective workouts that are both challenging and fun.


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Mercedes Club has something for everyone, for beginners to seasoned athletes. We accommodate all physical levels and abilities, and provide you with everything you need to start or continue your fitness journey.


Vinyasa Yoga
Yin Yoga


Barre Bootcamp


Body & Boxing


Intense Met-Con


Total Body Conditioning
Power Sculpt


Hard Core

Group Classes
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Group X: Guidelines

Sign up required for Boxing, Barre, Cycle and TRX. Online sign-up begins 48 hours prior to the start of class.

Be mindful of others that are on the waiting list, please remember to cancel your reservation when you can’t make it to class.

Please do not enter a class more than 5 minutes after the class has started.

Speak with the instructor and ask for modifications if you have any limitations due to an injury.

All equipment provided for classes except for Boxing. Please bring your own boxing gloves and hand wraps. Sneakers are required for the following classes: Body and Boxing, Boxing, Hard Core, Intense Met-Con, Power Sculpt, Total Body Conditioning, TRX and Boot Camp.

For a more powerful Cycling experience and a more efficient pedal stroke, cycling shoes are highly recommended. Pedals are Look Delta and SPD compatible. If wearing sneakers, stiff-soled sneakers are best. Please remember to wipe down your bike after class. Gym wipes provided inside the Cycle studio. Please arrive to class early to claim your bike. Empty bikes are given away to Members on the waitlist, 5-minutes prior to start time.

Focus on form, not on tripping over personal belongings. Please do not bring bags or other personal items into the studio.

Connect with your movement. Disconnect from your phone. Cell phone use is not permitted in the studio. Please leave the studio if you need to use your phone for any reason.

A place for everything and everyone. Please be sure to return equipment and drop off dirty towels at the end of class..

Hydration is necessary, but spills are avoidable. Remember to bring water in a sealable container. Coffee is not permitted in the studios.

Be sensitive to others sense of smell. Please refrain from wearing perfume and cologne.

Stereo equipment is for instructor use only.

Enjoy class!

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