Welcome to our Mercedes Zoom Club virtual Group Exercise classes!

Before joining a meeting (class), please refer to the Zoom schedule that was emailed to all Members for the Meeting (Class) ID number.

Here are a few tips to enhance your experience:

Sign up 15 minutes prior to class if you think you may need some technical help from the instructor. If no technical help is needed, you may join up until the start of class. For a tutorial on how to download Zoom and join a class, visit the bottom of this page.

Please be sure you mic is on mute when class is in progress.

Choosing to have your video on is helpful to the instructor, but not mandatory.

The instructor will spotlight their video so they are the main video on everyone’s screen. This will leave a thumbnail of videos of all participants either at the top or side of your screen.

To remove all other videos, click on your video box and click on HIDE THUMBNAIL VIEW.

If you would like to keep your single video in the corner of the instructor screen, you can click on your video box and choose SPEAKER VIEW.

At the end of class, the instructor will unmute all participants and then change the screen to GALLERY VIEW to say goodbye to the class. This will allow all participants that are on video to see each other and connect.

Thank you for joining us and enjoy class!
The Zoom Video Conferencing App, can be downloaded to your phone, tablet, or PC.

Tutorial on getting Zoom on your computer here.

Tutorial on getting Zoom on your smartphone here.

Please follow the directions below in order to join a class.

1. Once you have downloaded the Zoom application to your phone or laptop please click "Join Meeting".
2.  Type in the ID number of the class that you would like to take. Please refer to the Zoom Group Schedule above to find out class ID numbers.
3. Enjoy Class!