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Operations Manager

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As a hospitality-focused professional, Gustavo Rueda applies his leadership skills to cultivate and maintain relationships with Members and employees alike. Gustavo, (known as G to our Members) is integral to Mercedes Club; implementing process improvements to enhance efficiencies, while concurrently building focused and productive teams, with strong records of goal attainment. G has spent the last 9 years in the hospitality and fitness industry and has been with Mercedes Club since its inaugural year.

Gustavo has built numerous relationships with clients and staff equally. G currently oversees the personal training and spa departments, assembling high performing teams in both areas to create the best possible experiences and services for Mercedes Club Members. Gustavo’s desire to learn and grow has helped him achieve success. G wears many hats and has proven himself to be an effective problem solver and capable leader. G’s passion and love for people, fitness and hospitality, make him right at home at Mercedes Club.

Born and raised in New York City, G enjoys Manhattan’s ethnic diversity and culture. As an avid movie watcher, you will find G spending his spare time at a theater or watching his favorite sport, basketball, which he has been following for decades. He also enjoys getting outdoors and going on hiking trails or getting on the fitness floor to practice what he preaches.

G values the opportunity to meet new people and encounter new experiences and wants to make a positive impact on the lives of each and every person he meets. To date, the highlight of his career has been working at Mercedes Club where he is fortunate enough, to meet new and exciting people every day, form bonds, make friends and, most of all, have fun while contributing to the Club’s overall success.