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Learn about what you'll have access to as a Mercedes Club Member.


Private & Partner Training SESSIONS

Now Available


Unlimited Fitness

With 75+ weekly classes, we truly have something for everyone. Our instructors are hand-selected from the top studios in New York City and are experts in their craft.


Personal Training

Mercedes Club's personal trainers hold multiple certifications and specialize in everything from weight loss and injury rehab, to posture correction and movement.

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Wellness Spa

Visit our full-service, on-site spa for massages, facials, waxing and more. Our licensed massage therapists and estheticians will have you felling and looking your best.


Inviting & inspiring

Surrounded by 360° of gorgeous, all-day natural light, Mercedes Club brightens your day and lifts your mood. Our friendly and knowledgeable Hospitality staff will assist however and whenever needed.


Caring & COrdial

We take great pride in our community approach to health and wellness. In a city full of corporate, cookie-cutter gyms, we'd like to consider ourselves a breath of fresh air.


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Experience the allure of Pilates Reformer, where sculpted bodies come to life. This dynamic practice ignites your inner strength, tones your physique, and enhances flexibility.

Regardless of gender, Pilates empowers individuals to conquer their fitness goals and discover a more vibrant, balanced life.
Private 1 on 1
pilates near me nyc
Our 1-on-1 Pilates training sessions offer a personalized approach to fitness, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Guided by our expert instructors, these sessions are tailored to your individual goals, using a combination of Reformers, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel. Ideal for all levels, our experienced instructors ensure proper form and technique for a safe and effective workout. Some Pilates benefits are proper alignment, balance between stability and mobility, core initiation, AND strengthening while lengthening lean muscle. Sessions last 50 minutes, providing a focused and efficient way to achieve your fitness objectives.
Partner Training
Train with a friend or your partner! This is an engaging and collaborative workout experience for two people. The sessions include a mix of individual and joint exercises, tailored to both participants' fitness levels and goals. This format enhances motivation, encourages healthy competition, and fosters teamwork, making it a unique and effective way to achieve fitness objectives together.
pilates class nyc
pilates near me nycprivate pilates studio trainerpilates training nycnyc pilatespartner pilates training

Industry leading staff

*get blurb from T* "x amount of years combined experience, previously at etc. etc."

Tonya Jacobs

General Manager

Lisa Gausepohl

Assistant General Manager

Tonya Jacobs

General Manager
Lisa Gausepohl
Assistant General Manager
G. Rueda
Operations Manager
Maria Averon
Marketing Design
Marc Anthony

Student rate

An amazing rate for college students ages 18-22, as well at teachers and professors at select institutions. Valid school ID required.

Unlimited Classes
Daily Locker
Fitness Evaluation
Guest Passes
Gold's Features +
Laundry Service
Overnight Locker
2 PT Sessions

Spousal rate

For the partners and spouses of our current Corporate members. Please visit the list above for participating partners.

Elite Personal training

Individualized Programs. Dedicated Trainers. Zero Pretense.


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