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Tonya Jacobs

General Manager

Tonya began her lifelong athletic career as a formally trained dancer, spending eight years touring the world, performing at luxury resorts and casinos. In 1993, Tonya moved to New York City and put her dancers training and passion for fitness to work as a group exercise instructor at Better Bodies. Possessing an insatiable thirst for learning, Tonya was mentored by leading fitness executives that taught her the business side of the fitness industry firsthand.

Tonya has spent many years in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Her career flourished from the ground up starting with an entry level reception position, all the way to the top as a strong, confident and capable Chief Operating Officer. Tonya has spent over 20 years within the luxury sports and fitness sector, leading and managing all aspects of the day to day operations at the world renowned, exclusive health and fitness establishments; Reebok Sports Club/NY, Sports Club/LA and currently, Mercedes Club.

During her tenure with The Sports Club Company and Millennium Partners Sports Club Management, Tonya helped open four co-located properties with The Four Seasons Hotel Corporation and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Corporation. As an opening team member, she underwent both hotel corporations extensive, in-depth customer service training programs. This premier, luxury five-star service ethic was ingratiated into her mindset and is one that she continues to fully embrace.

Tonya possesses an exceptional knack for problem solving, leadership and motivating action through her influence. Tonya has an uncanny ability to identify challenges in almost any situation and remain composed and collected while efficiently discovering potential solutions that offer equitable results. She is committed to enhancing the member experience and her passionate and enthusiastic approach allows her to deliver on her promise. Tonya lives by “the devil is in the details” and strives to produce immaculate esthetics and cutting edge programming that is tailored to meet the needs of a discerning membership base.

Tonya’s proven cost management methodology has helped her achieve two of her top goals: successfully driving significant fiscal performance and achieving results. Her experience ranges from leading colossal 150,000 square foot properties, to intimate boutique properties starting at 10,000 square feet.