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G. Rueda

Sales & Operations Manager


All-Inclusive Fitness

Everything you need, all under one roof.

Unlimited Fitness

With 75+ weekly classes, we truly have something for everyone. Our instructors are hand-selected from the top studios in New York City and are experts in their craft.

Personal Training

Mercedes Club's personal trainers hold multiple certifications and specialize in everything from weight loss and injury rehab, to posture correction and movement.

our Trainers
Wellness Spa

Visit our full-service, on-site spa for massages, facials, waxing and more. Our licensed massage therapists and estheticians will have you felling and looking your best.


Inviting & inspiring

Surrounded by 360° of gorgeous, all-day natural light, Mercedes Club brightens your day and lifts your mood. Our friendly and knowledgeable Hospitality staff will assist however and whenever needed.


Caring & COrdial

We take great pride in our community approach to health and wellness. In a city full of corporate, cookie-cutter gyms, we'd like to consider ourselves a breath of fresh air.

our services


Gustavo, known by our Members as 'G', believes you get what you give, and that kindness is key in perpetuating a warm and welcoming environment for both Members and staff. G has been instrumental in creating the inclusive, close-knit community that Mercedes Club is known for- a community unlike any in the industry. Rain or shine, G exudes a friendly, down-to-earth energy that we can all appreciate, especially when life gets noisy.

Kindness is never a weakness.

LIFE + Career

Born and raised in New York City, G enjoys the diversity and culture that Manhattan provides. An avid movie watcher, sports fanatic, and outdoorsman, G is relatable and well-rounded, with a fitness and hospitality acumen that inspires Mercedes Club Members and staff alike.

With 20 years experience in the industry, and being with Mercedes Club since its inaugural year, G has mastered the building and nurturing of relationships at all levels. As a hospitality-focused, problem-solving professional, he has become the familiar face that Members seek for assistance and advice.

G currently oversees the personal training and spa departments, having assembled high-performing teams in both areas. G’s desire to learn and grow has helped him achieve success, through creating the best possible experiences and services for Mercedes Club Members.

G values the opportunity to meet new people and take on new challenges. He strives to make a positive impact on the lives of each and every person he encounters. To date, the highlight of his career has been working at Mercedes Club where he is fortunate enough to meet new and exciting people every day, form bonds, make friends, and most of all, have fun while contributing to the Club’s overall success.

personal training nyc

Challenge yourself, not your bank account.

unlimited fitness classes nyc

Classes, studios, specialty workshops and more.

yoga classes nyc

The best instructors from the top studios in NYC.

hours of operation health club

Everything you need, all under one roof.

Industry leading staff

*get blurb from T* "x amount of years combined experience, previously at etc. etc."

Tonya Jacobs
General Manager
Lisa Gausepohl
Assistant General Manager
Tonya Jacobs
General Manager
Lisa Gausepohl
Assistant General Manager
G. Rueda
Operations Manager
Maria Averon
Marketing Design
Marc Anthony

A QUOTE to live by

"The difference between winning and losing is often not quitting"

Walt Disney

Unlimited Classes
Daily Locker
Fitness Evaluation
Guest Passes
Gold's Features +
Laundry Service
Overnight Locker
2 PT Sessions

Words of advice

Don't be afraid to challenge yourself and don't be afraid to fail, and when you succeed, don't become complacent. Use your own benchmarks to continue challenging yourself. Surround yourself with like-minded people who share your vision and dedication.

Strive to find excellence in each other.

Elite Personal training

Individualized Programs. Dedicated Trainers. Zero Pretense.


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