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All-Inclusive Fitness

Everything you need, all under one roof.

Unlimited Fitness

With 75+ weekly classes, we truly have something for everyone. Our instructors are hand-selected from the top studios in New York City and are experts in their craft.

Personal Training

Mercedes Club's personal trainers hold multiple certifications and specialize in everything from weight loss and injury rehab, to posture correction and movement.

our Trainers
Wellness Spa

Visit our full-service, on-site spa for massages, facials, waxing and more. Our licensed massage therapists and estheticians will have you felling and looking your best.


Inviting & inspiring

Surrounded by 360° of gorgeous, all-day natural light, Mercedes Club brightens your day and lifts your mood. Our friendly and knowledgeable Hospitality staff will assist however and whenever needed.


Caring & COrdial

We take great pride in our community approach to health and wellness. In a city full of corporate, cookie-cutter gyms, we'd like to consider ourselves a breath of fresh air.

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The Sc3


The Stages SC3 is what happens when passionate riders build indoor bikes. Ergonomically fit and engineered for simplicity and function, the SC3 seamlessly and wirelessly connects to your technology via Bluetooth® and ANT+™. The SC3 is the only indoor studio bike that comes standard with a Stages Power meter and self-generating EcoSCRN display.


Stages has taken the guesswork out of training, both on the road and in the studio. Many elite outdoor cycling teams and individuals choose Stages Power because when using the most accurate measure of performance, they can develop and adhere much more precisely to their fitness goals. Now riders can benefit from the same precise data professionals use, and map their fitness strategies to more quickly reach their own goals.
The Stages Gates® Carbon Drive™ carbon fiber belt and a 5:1 gear ratio and perimeter-weighted flywheel supplies a sublime feeling of inertia for that real outdoor experience.
Stages SprintShift enables instantaneous macro-level resistance changes without incessantly turning a dial. The unique three-stage lever and custom workload settings allow indoor cyclists instant control.
The SC gives the cyclist full control, allowing for various custom micro-adjustments for the perfect ride.
Perfect for HIIT and interval based workouts, the cyclist can add or drop resistance quickly and easily.
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Precision fit range and quick adjustment functions set indoor riders up for their next best performance. Two minutes. That’s all it takes to dial in the ideal FitLoc™-activated height adjustments.

By combining road bike geometry with our RoadBar™ handlebar, StagesFit puts you in a safe, comfortable position for whatever the day’s ride requires. The industry’s fastest adjustment system for handlebar and seat height adjustment – 5 times faster than standard twist-to-lock systems.

The proprietary FitLoc adjustment system creates a quick, comfortable and secure ride. The RoadBar offers more position options than traditional indoor bullhorn handlebars.

The Stages EcoSCRN Console on the SC3: the console display runs on power generated by the rider, no console batteries are needed. The generator is located at the flywheel hub​ and its wired connection is hidden in the handlebar stem.

​The always-on backlight allows rider to see data in all types of room lighting and eliminates button-pushing during the ride. The rider sees Max, Average and Ride totals for the following metrics: Kilojoules (work), Kcal (calories), Watts, RPM, Speed, Heart Rate (if wearing a strap), Time, and Distance​USB data capture.

Useful for comparing efforts, the rider gets stage, current, and average data, which is very powerful info for training efficiently and effectively. ​The STAGE button allows for up to 99 sections of time (laps). Data does not start to record or average during WARMUP stage (so total ride data is not skewed with poor warmup data).

The benchmark in honest and accurate direct power measurement for indoor cycling. The only indoor bike featuring Stages Power meter technology developed and refined in the professional peloton.Data capture via Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+™ enabled sport devices (iOS and Android compatible).
Actors Equity Association
AGVA (American Guild of Varity Artists)
Allen And Overy
AMC Networks
Bocca Di Bacco
Capital One
CBS Broadcasting
Central Park West Dentistry
Hustler Club
Karim Rashid
Kenneth Cole
Mt. Sinai / Continuum  / CHPFit
NBC Universal
New York Stem Cell Foundation
‍PRINT Restaurant
Simon & Schuster
The Daily Show
Universal Music Group
personal training nyc

Challenge yourself, not your bank account.

unlimited fitness classes nyc

Classes, studios, specialty workshops and more.

yoga classes nyc

The best instructors from the top studios in NYC.

hours of operation health club

Everything you need, all under one roof.

Industry leading staff

*get blurb from T* "x amount of years combined experience, previously at etc. etc."

Tonya Jacobs
General Manager
Lisa Gausepohl
Assistant General Manager
Tonya Jacobs
General Manager
Lisa Gausepohl
Assistant General Manager
G. Rueda
Operations Manager
Maria Averon
Marketing Design
Marc Anthony

Student rate

An amazing rate for college students ages 18-22, as well at teachers and professors at select institutions. Valid school ID required.

Unlimited Classes
Daily Locker
Fitness Evaluation
Guest Passes
Gold's Features +
Laundry Service
Overnight Locker
2 PT Sessions

Spousal rate

For the partners and spouses of our current Corporate members. Please visit the list above for participating partners.

Elite Personal training

Individualized Programs. Dedicated Trainers. Zero Pretense.


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